Find the perfect paint that you need:

2K Slow Thinner 608

2K Slow Thinner M388

2K Slow Thinner M389

1K Primer
(Col: Black/White/Grey)

PP Primer Solution 900R

050 Additive

2K Auto Refinish Tinter (1L)

2K QBS Clear 4:1 C/W
2K QBS Hardener 1:4

2K MS Clear 120S C/W
2K MS Hardener 120S

2K MS Clear DB28 C/W
2K MS Hardener DB28

2K RS Clear Ready Used 2-1
2K RS Hardener Ready Used 1-2

2K QDS Clear 21 C/W
2K QDS Hardener 12

2K MS Clear 130S C/W
2K MS Hardener 130S

2K Crystal Clear 180S C/W
2K Crystal Hardener 180S

2K HS Clear 1060 C/W
2K HS Hardener 1060

2K Super HS Clear 1080 C/W
2K Super HS Hardener 1080

2K MS Matt Clear 2-1 C/W
2K MS Matt Hardener 1-2

2K Primer 4-1 C/W
2K Primer Hardener 1-4 (Col: Black/White/Grey)

2K Epoxy Premier 4-1 C/W
2K Epoxy Hardener 1-4 (Col: Light Grey)

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